Linux | How does memory mapping work?

Here’s a lab material related to Memory mapping. The documentation is really detailed and clear.

Also, ALWAYS look into source code! Operating system is so mysterious :wink:

Ask me anything. I will Google it and answer you.

– 更新:管理员不让我放洋屁


另外,你也可以直接去查看李涅克思源代码! 操作系统实在是太神秘啦! :wink:


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Thank you Yiqu! Very helping! I can always learn something from talking with you!


After reading the documentation I decided to drop my OS class. Good luck to bros who have enrolled in it. :grinning:

在读了文档之后我决定落下我的奥斯课程。好运给兄弟们谁选上了它。 :grinning:

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